Thailand Full Moon Party Dates 2017


The Best Spirit Of Partying I’ve Ever Seen, This Is A Once In a Lifetime Experience….


Where Is The Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party takes place at Haad Rin beach on Koh Phangan island which is located in Jangwat (province) Suratthani in the Southern Gulf of Thailand and is part of the group of islands that make up the Samui Archipelago; a group of over 40 islands fashioned in granite from age old igneous formations. The provincial capital is also called Suratthani and acts as the main overland transport hub for the islands. Koh Phangan is 70kms from the mainland and approximately 12kms away from Koh Samui which acts as the main air-link to Koh Phangan.

How To Get To The Full Moon Party?

Koh Phangan is most easily accessed via Koh Samui Airport though it is slightly cheaper to fly to the regional transport hub of Suratthani. From Koh Samui a fast boat takes only 30 minutes whereas the journey from the mainland takes around seven times longer. If you come overland, the overnight train is the best option with a first class sleeper carriage ideal for families. Buses are the most economic choice with a trip from Bangkok costing only about 650 Baht, all the way to Koh Phangan. Ferry services are more or less hourly throughout the day from Koh Samui and every couple of hours from the mainland; several boats also go regularly from Koh Tao.

We recommend that you arrive at least 2 days before the party date, and if possible, make an online booking to reserve your rooms, especially if you are planning to come in a big group.



Thailand Full Moon Party

Thailand Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party Dates 2017

  • Thursday 12, January
  • Sunday 12, February
  • Sunday 12, March
  • Tuesday 11, April
  • Thursday 11, May
  • Friday 09, June
  • Monday 10, July
  • Monday 07, August
  • Tuesday 05, September
  • Friday 06, October
  • Friday 03, November
  • Sunday 03, December

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